Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Advertise With Us

Baby Bottom Bakes has recently opened banner ad spots. Each banner ad spot is 125x125 with campaigns starting at $5 per month.

Your ad can appear here on Baby Bottom Bakes blog or on our Baby Bottom Bakes website.

To place your banner ad is simple. Click the "Your Ad Here" banner or visit

Select the ad spot you wish to begin your ad campaign, choose your campaign length, and that's it! Once we receive your payment we will place your banner ad and begin driving traffic to your site through our visitors.

Space is limited so reserve your spot before they are gone!

*we do not guarantee traffic or sales based on banner ad

Olivia Vidal
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GumDropSwap said...

Beautiful cakes and gift ideas! Following u from MBC! Visit to return the favor.

Kari said...

Beautiful blog design! I am following you from MBC! You can visit at

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